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2023 RB3 Softball Tournaments Rules

Official 2023 USA Softball Rules


For Pay-At-The-Plate events, teams are responsible for providing payment to each umpire, at the home plate meeting before game time. Failure to pay umpire will result in a forfeit by the non-paying team. See the event details for Pay-At-The-Plate cost, subject to change event to event. Contact a tournament director for more details and further questions.


Scoring and the tracking of a pitcher's inning count will be done by the home plate umpire and the official score signed off on. A representative from the home team will operate the scoreboard.

Run Rule

2 Innings: 20 Runs
3 Innings: 15 Runs

4 Innings: 8 Runs

Extra Inning

We will start with last batted out as the runner on second base and 1 out.



The clock will begin upon first pitch of the game, the next inning begins upon the third out of the bottom half of the inning being recorded.


It is expected that all teams have their own insurance and are able to provided proof of insurance at any point.

Birth Certificates

Coaches are expected to have a hard copy of all active players birth certificates available at all times.


Teams are required to provide their own bats that meet all guidelines, RB3 Sports and its umpires are not responsible for inspecting bats and other equipment.

Rain Outs

In the event the tournament, or any part of it, is canceled due to rain, fees paid for the tournament shall be treated as follows:

 1) If team finishes 2 full games, no refunds or credits shall be issued.

2) If team finishes 1 full game, team shall be issued a credit to the next RB3 Sports event they choose to attend or a 50% refund. 

3) If event is completely rained out, tournament fee shall be refunded.

**Gate fees are non refundable.**

Special Notes

Teams may begin a game with 8 players, when the 9th spot in the order comes up, it is NOT an automatic out. 

If teams begin the game with 9 players and lose a player for any reason, when that spot comes up in the order it SHALL be an automatic out.

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