Mechanical Analysis Checklist

For all those who are instructed her eat RB3 Sports, they will receive a breakdown of their mechanics via our Mechanical Analysis Checklist sheet. This sheet is an exhaustive list of common mechanical components of elite throwers (95+ mph). Accompanying each mechanical point is a video that dives in-depth into that specific mechanical point.

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RB3 Sports Mobility Database 

All of our pitchers here at RB3 Sports will have a unique warm-up and workout routine that is specific to their mobility, strength, and mechanical deficiencies. This sheet is a database of mobility exercises with an accompanying video to aid in the correct execution of stretches. This database is continuing to grow and you can expect to see new exercises added each week!

4-week Pitcher Hypertrophy Workout Plan

This is our 4 week hypertrophy plan for pitchers and is a great plan for beginners looking to get their feet wet and begin to develop a solid foundation of strength and athleticism. Much like the mobility database above, this program includes accompanying videos to ensure the exercises are done properly.