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We offer private instruction, group and individual strength training, clinics, and team practice instruction. Our focus is on the development of the complete pitcher, building a solid foundation of mechanics, strength, and mobility to compete at the highest level. 

A Complete Approach to Pitching Development.

  • Mechanical Analysis Checklist

    • Complete checklist of key mechanical points for elite high-velocity throwers

    • Extensive video collection to accompany each point

  • Mobility Program

    • Personalized stretch and exercise database with accompanying “how-to” video

  • Tailored Workout Program

    • Custom (hypertrophy, mobility, deficiency specific, etc) workout programming to build correct movement patterns for pitchers

  • Plyoball Program

    • Unique plyoball program for arm path patterning and segmentation

  • Throwing Program

    • Throwing program and drills for the development of individual deficiencies or play preparation

    • Volume, Intensity, Return from Injury, etc.

  • Nutrition 

    • Mass/weight gain with tracking metrics

    • Inflammation reduction and injury prevention